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I find it laughable that the alone Tv show contestants put such high value on a 60 sq ft gillnet and 80m of paracord, when a 2 person rope hammock could quickly be unraveled and woven into 5x as much netting and cordage.  The 20x20 tarp is easily torn into 1/4" wide strips and makes 3x as much cordage and netting as the rope hammock, and if you take the optional 12x12 tarp, you dont need  3/4 of the big tarp for anythng else. They give you a 10x10 tarp, too. That's plenty of membrane. Your shelter should be kept small, 4x4x7 ft, so that you dont waste your body heat. YOu need a  Siberian log fire, projecting its one way heat 6 ft on either side of your, for light and warmth as you do much of anything  on Great Slave lake in the wintertime.  So a larger shelter does you no good at all and just makes you waste a month of time building it and processing firewood, cause the shelter is so inefficient. By the time you need heat inside of the double walled, debris stuffed tarp shelter, you'll have the 2 inche of snow that is all you need to make an igloo. Igloos need no sleeping bag and no fire  down to -40F, because they are so sealed, insulative and reflective.

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