Wind, Caves and Wolves


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I am a strong advertiser for TLD being hard but also fair, as I've stated in countless threads. Well unfortunately I have to say that with the latest updates this is sightly changing.

One of the issues is wind and scent detection that does not work as expected when it comes to approaching a wolf - from the side - devouring a deer. When I walk in wind direction towards a wolf that is eating a deer, he will run towards me pretty early, it takes him about 5 seconds to reach me which translates to an estimated 20-30m distance. This is fine and what I'd expect.

What I don't understand though is why some wolves seem to detect me from the same distance in absolut calm winds, no wind sound or visual clues, snow falling straight down the sky. In about 75% of the time I cannot approach it closer than if I'd be running with the wind towards the biest. In my opinion I should be able to get way closer when I am approaching it in calm winds or even against the wind than when I am going with the wind, but this is not the case.

What's the idea of the wind/scent system if wolves ignore it and detect us anyway from afar no matter how careful we take wind into account, will this be adjusted so it reliably works?

Another thing: Wind in caves. Why does wind come out of the walls and affects the fires we build inside visually and sometimes even physically by extinguishing it? When I build a fire deep in a cave behind a corner there's no wind on our planet that'd be able to extinguish it. But it happens, especially when you leave the cave while the fire is burning. It's almost a rule, you can spend the whole night during a blizzard beside the fire in your cave without trouble. Add wood for another day to the fire, go outside for a few hours and when you come back, fire will be dead or dying.

This seems unfair to me, I've spent already 12 hours during a blizzard beside my fire so I can expect it to hold when I leave it. Or am I supposed to believe that a wolf (killed all bears already :D) came by and pissed on the fire while I was gone? That's about the only explaination I could agree on, but then I want the ability to catch it and make a screenshot while it's doing so :lol:

So please, if you introduce systems like wind&scent detection or give as "almost safe" havens like caves, make them reliable and predictable in the sense that there is a right way to do it. Approaching a wolf devouring a deer is now a lottery and has nothing todo with wind or position. Some you can approach closely, others have a hyper human smell detector and will go after you from far away (I never go after a wolf when I already have raw meat on me, that was not the reason).

My hope is that this is due to lack of adjustment and not some genious idea to make the game more "interesting", because it doesn't, it makes it unfair :roll: Those are not huge gamebreaking issues, I can deal with it and shoot the wolf when it runs towards me or just don't leave my caves until I'm ready to go to a house but it's a shift from the current philosophy as I understood it, that the game is hard but fair. If it'd be one in ten wolves that detect me from afar I would not have created this thread - nor if it'd be all wolves. But the number is estimated closer to 50-75%, some I can approach close, most not, no matter how the wind blows. I truly hope this will be fixed ;)

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