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So i didnt really see this anywhere, and i think it would be cool to have to find gear to carry things with aswell.

Lets start out with only your pockets, you got nothing, being able to find backpacks, satchels belt pouches, belt attachable items ect. and having certain gear a limit on the weight and or item limit. i think it would add a lot more realism aswell as new challenges.

I also think it would be cool to be able to use or take/refill individual items. like from a sewing kit. theres thread, theres needles, scissors pins ect. running out of those and needing to find more thread or buttons and just putting them in the sewing kit, it would add a lot more *goodies* to find or leave instead of just the stuff thats there now. i think one of the most fun aspects of the game is searching for things, looking under the beds ect. While finding thread isnt always that glamorous, when you need it or run out it'd turn into a cool find, Same with the box of tools, Finding a wrench might be that single missing tool you needed for your box of basic tools to repair that gun.

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