Lynx, Foxes, And Other Carnivorous Mammals


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This isn't something I'm desperate for, but I feel that more animals, though not vital, would provide more realism, (is that the right word?). 

I'm probably not the first, nor the last, I expect, who wishes for a handful of other potential threats.

Foxes. Perhaps Arctic foxes. They could be a pesky scavenger of animals caught in snares and such. Perhaps you could even occasionally come across them mousing. Where they could be: Perhaps everywhere, though maybe a bit more abundant in densely housed areas, i.e MT, ML, CH.

Lynx. Canadian Lynx, obviously. They would probably be more ambiance than anything, as Lynx attacking humans is rare. Though maybe they could have hightened hostility around carcasses and players with lower condition. Where they could be: Probably more in the wilder regions, like HRV, TWM or BI, though perhaps a few in the wilderness around MT

CougarsI'm unsure of what type. They could be very rare, but, like the Bear, it could be an inescapable struggle. I like the idea of them maybe stalking you from a distance, hidden in the trees, until you weaken or the time is right. I would expect them to be only on higher difficulties and only found TWM due to the fact that they do live in mountainous regions.

If I think of more, I'll add to to the list. 

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