Exploding jerry and spray paint cans

Luke Finn

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The explosion when shot by one of the three firearms in the game wound make an explosion which would cause fireburn and scare or even kill wildlife. Rigging this with meat to hunt bears and wolves without the risk of being chased down could prove useful for those with little protection and stamina. the jerry can which have a limited amount of spawns would be destroyed.

The spray can would only scare off wildlife

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well i think that beacause jerry cans are heavy and rare it is not a great idea, adding the weight of a gun it does not worth the time. shooting at a wolf will already scare him with one or two bullets and that is event better it you dont miss him. even "spraying fire" with the spray can and a match wouldnt be worth it beacause as long as you have a torch and a rock on you you can scare 100% effectively any wolves at anytime. and dont get me wrong that is stupid. your idea i great the game is just not well done on that point. But it would need its own discussion topic.

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