My Stalker Run - A short-ish story

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The other day I started my first stalker run. While I always choose the male survivor and choose Mystery Lake as my start region. I decided to be a bit spontaneous this time, I chose the female survivor and chose a random start location. Fully expecting the game to be a dick and put me in Hushed River Valley or Timberwolf Mountain. It was kind and put me in Mountain Town in The Wood Lot by the gas station and at about mid day.

Fast forward a bit, I'm still in Mountain Town on day 3, I have my rifle and I decide to go to the church. On the way out of town a wolf decides it wants a piece of me.. He comes running and I shoot at him, completely missing him even though I had the gun pointed between his eyes. He attacks me and my only defense is my prybar which does absolute jack shit. Wolf was like "lol you missed your shot and now you have a prybar? Fuck out of here" I was at 100 percent condition and he brought me down all the way down to near death. I stumble back into gray mother's house, I'm bleeding and I have 2 infections. I bandage myself up and I have no old man's beard or antiseptic so I just sit there and wait for death. ..

I pass the time so I can get it over with and the game is like "Oh God please don't die 😢  you have so much to explore" and gives me the "Well Fed" buff which raised my condition from near death to about 10 percent(was still kind of stumbling but could walk and see clearly) so I take that blessing and go out to find some old man's beard. By some stroke of luck I find all three by the wood lot where I first started and heal my infection. Whew. Out of the woods for now.. Nope. Here comes another wolf, I go to shoot it, the game completely backstabs me and my rifle jams, Wolf attacks me and I'm dead.

Now I'm  not too pissed about my save file because I was still very early in the game but just at the ridiculous circumstances that happened. Talk about some bull though, first the game gives me the well fed buff which I had been waiting for and it comes in the form of a blessing when I'm near death and then my rifle jams. Game even slapped me in the face a second time with a message saying "Your rifle is jammed, reload to unjam it" as the wolf was charging :D

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Can I add a short of my own, from last night's playthru?

It doesn't end in death, but oh well, not YET at least.

So, I've been playing for a good long 3+ years now, but never for a very long period without a break.
The last break I took was when Bleak Inlet came out. I was on a 120 day sandbox game, full stacked up survivor, and then "well, let's check the new region".
So I left mystery lake, thru the muskeg, up the new region, but when I got there, had a look of literal 5 minutes, and I was done, it was break time.

Fast forward... 10 months? I stoped right when it came out, Dec 2019, got back yesterday.

So I open the game, go for the saves... I have the 100 day save, and another one I don't even recall right now... So I think "I can't pick up that save, I won't even know how to do shit, have to start over, at least for now".
So I go for new, and when selecting the start point I think "Well, should we finally check the new region for reals? Let's go!"

I nearly died a few times...
First got really cold, but not bad condition. Couldn't warm up even inside, since I didn't have clothes, so, start a fire, obviously. Cool, warm again, stopped droping condition... Then explored the caning factory-thing, cold again, frostbite on hands building up... Lucky! Find gloves.
Cold still a problem, so, fire to fire, fireplace to fireplace, then food was a problem, lucky, found a carcass (at this point had already found a hatchet).

Explore out a bit more, near the raven falls, decided to go for the lookout atop the mountain... Just to find out you can't get there by normal means... Now water is a problem, and I left my can in the last house. Found another on a back, eat the content, make fire, melt snow, drink, now cold AGAIN, I decided, "OK, let's go back to mystery lake first, at least to build up on some tools and suplies"... So, condition already under 10% AGAIN, cold, past half hunger, in the cave we go... At the doorstep: Wolf carcass
Eat a kg and a half of good cooked wolf meat, now we are at full hunger, full temperature, no sign of frostbite or hypotermia, condition building up, we cross the tunel (poor impaled guy) go for the muskeg... Hit it in the morning, decide to first move to the tracks, then follow them left to get to mystery lake, leave the cave entrance, walk in the direction of the tracks, and then, BLIZZARD

I can't see jackshit in front of me, so I keep in the same direction, knowing I'd get lost, in a place with little to no shelter, in the blizzard... Cold hits hard again, can't build fire, can't see anything, walk for 5-10 minutes (I think) then hit the spence farmstead out of goddam luck, get to the half house (couldn't find the barn), build a fire in one of the halves, warm up, and pray to have enough fuel for the blizzard to go down
It hammers the whole day, before I'm out of fuel, freezing again, and decide to move on... I leave, and sure thing, half a minute later, the blizzard goes down, I can see again, was going in the right direction
It's almost night, but I have a storm lantern, light it up but, it's aurora time, not need for the lamp. Wolves around, but manage to go around them,  hit the tunnel for the mystery lake, and I'm home...

Now I've gathered a rifle already, three wolf skins (one from the Bleak Inlet cave, two from good shots, and building up on what seems to be a long run already

But damn, it was a harsh start... Felt good to be in danger again, and again, and again, and surpass it again, and again, and again...

I've cut down the thin ice breaking, the two packs of timber wolves, the walk to the fallen lighthouse which had no supplies (I didn't knew the region, taught for sure there would be at least a closed space to heat up), and many, many other bad decision

The two word adventure I would describe as "Exciting comeback"

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