Why Forlorn Muskeg has three radio towers?

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There is something that has bothered me for some time, why does FM have three radio towers?


My point is: there are other regions that have only one radio tower like ML, PV, MT and BI, and there are others that don't even have a single tower, like CH wich seems to have been one of the most populated regions on the island. So why should an uninhabited swamp have three radio towers?

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It is for triangulation. There is secret science base on Perseverance Mills. This three tower installation is for exact triangulation of the spot where the aurora begins. Unfrtunatelly the aurora during the big collaps event was so strong, all those towers are now fried.

Or the reason is when the planner marked a location for the one radio tower which should be here, he was drinking Moose Kick and dropped some drops on the map. Builders misinterpreted them as two additional towers. And when these were built... ech who would bother to tear them down.

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Practically, because each of the towers was probably part of an automated communication system and had line of sight to another tower in what would be another area/region.  One might expect that each tower would have an auxiliary equipment point to continue operations if power was lost but with the exception of Signal Hill control hut, there is none.  There should have been some facility to coordinate the signals to/from/through each tower. 

The towers themselves were also inconveniently located for ease of maintenance and routine checks, in fact Forlorn Muskeg lacked the kind of roads, even a hint of them, that would allow system personnel to drive up to each location. 

Of course, as a game, there is no need for consistency only for what seems "realistic". 

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