Wolf Morale bug in the story mode


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I'm currently playing through Wintermute and I'm enjoying it a lot, but I've encountered an issue in episode three. I'm out of revolver ammo, but I have 10 flare shells, and three marine flares. the problem is I'm encountering Timberwolf packs that don't have a morale bar or music. I've hit the two that showed up at least 2 or 3 times each with flares and they barely react. they also aren't very affected by marine flares. they eventually leave, but they just move further up the path to be encountered later. is anyone else having this problem? and if so is there a way past it?

Edit: this is resolved, I managed to scrape past the pack on basically no health and the wolves have gone back to having a morale bar and music

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Yes, I've also encountered this bug. It's best to reload. There is no guarantee that they will flee if you follow the same actions as a TW encounter with a moral bar. Sometimes you can scare them away. I also suppose you could light a flare and make a run for it, while holding the flare.

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