YouTube GamePlay and lets play policy? and how abut monetizing?


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I think it's about time for this to be considered relevant. I see all kinda of videos on the forum, plenty are being posted on YouTube, but I want to know if there's blanket permission or if I've got to do something first.

I agree. There's a lot of content out there, and I personally have a few up. Would like to know so I don't get a strike on my account.

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I can't see why any developer would have an issue with it. Because the videos are actually free advertising for the game companies, also I know from my experience that I purchased The Long Dark based on the Let's Play videos I watched on Youtube and now I want to also start a channel for gaming because I love games so much and I want to share the fun of the games with others. Monetization is just a bonus and it's only revenue from adsense ads by the way is not that much money until you become a beast of a channel like "Pewdiepie". Also, having some merchandise to sell on your own website is probably where the gamer is going to make most of the money anyways. It would be cool to se your policies on what images from your game graphics we can place on our merchandise. I think people do it anyway without actually advertising the name of the games the graphics are representing except for one guy I know of who records nothing but boom beach and clash of clans.

May I have permission to record my game play of The Long Dark as long as I turn off any music within the game?

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Hello everyone, new here to the community. I am also very interested in recording a series for youtube with possible monetization. I would like to try and be a serious youtube partner doing various games and so forth, i believe that TLD would be a perfect starting point. Thanks!

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