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Hey all.

New to the forum but I've been playing TLD for a while. I decided to start a thread to document my run on the 500 day achievement. It's one of the few I don't have already. I have long Loper runs going but quite honestly, late game can get pretty boring and i typically just start up a new one or do a custom challenge.

So i want this achievement but I don't want the mind-numbing monotony to set in late.

Here's my rules:

Default stalker, random start, feats are fine

You spend 50 days on each map, once you hit a map, you stay there until the 50 days are up.

You can hit a transition region on the way and pick up anything you want, but you can't head back.

After each map, you have to drop everything except regular starting items. It's Stalker so you get bedroll, 12 matches, flare, can, 1 hat, 1 glove, 1 pants, 1 shirt, 1 shoes, 1 sock, 1 undies, etc.

it's too hard to remember what you started with and i am not going to carry around ratty jeans and a decent plaid shirt at all times, so it's ok to upgrade as long as the slots are filled as indicated above.

After 1 map is done, you can take one item with you to the next map. After 2 maps are done, you can take two items, 3/3, etc. The items have to stay the same.

Why? because #1 i want this achievement and I think it will be challenging enough late game since most clothing will be ruined but i don't want to freeze to death on the last map before i get it.


If you are reading this, thanks.





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bad screenshot
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Obviously, i am a screenshot rookie. Will work on that.

in any case, i've had this going for a short while now before i started the topic so let me recap.


PV Start, which i like. Feats are Blizzard Walker, The fire starter thing and Cold Fusion.

50 day recap in PV.

Hiked up from the cave to the pond, got a few things then up to signal hill. Got the Exp parka, snow pants and a few other things plus the handgun.

Hit up the farmhouse and fixed up my clothes then all the way up to the plane crash to get more clothes. Killed some rabbits on the way and stored the entrails at draft dodgers.

Made my way down to the barn, then village. Got bullets and the arrows in the barn target. Read some books, made water. Plenty of food to eat and clothes to repair.

Killed 3 or 4 bears and made the bearskin coat.

Clothing was easy peezy enough that i could stay at the pond fishing for weeks, either sleeping in the Forest Cave or in the fishing hut itself.

A few close calls with wolves but nothing serious.


Started to drag at about 30 days. Too much food available and not enough to do. Last 10 days or so I am watching the clock.


Ticked off my 50 and then headed up for the TWM climb. 1 down.

What item to bring? I know there's a rifle at the summit but i am going to need stalker protection first. Handgun it is.


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Mountainer's hut, weather not too bad. Killed rabbits to get stuff drying in the hut so i can make some snares.

A little bit of fishing and reading before it's time to Summit. Everything i will need is up there.

Killed some more bears and of course climbed many ropes.





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I had to wait about 20 days for the moose to appear. By that time, i had already brought the rifle down but only found about 8 bullets on the map.

Climbed up the fallen tree to get a good killing spot with no danger. It took 4 bullets but i downed him.

Quartered, brought all the meat back to the hut where i had built a stone cache. Let the hide dry. At fish and moose for a long while and made my satchel.


This one started to drag right after i got the satchel. I toured the map a few times and finally hit cooking 5 and fishing 4. But not archery. No arrow heads anywhere so i couldn't work on that skill at all.

Clothes were high level the whole time so i just had to avoid cabin fever. Didn't even bother with a snow shelter.

Time to head out. I could go Coastal or I could go Mystery.

I go coastal. drop everything in the transition cave except handgun and satchel. Picking up a ton of coal on the way down to the fishing village.


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I don't remember this map being so cold. Then i remember my clothes are shite again.

Still, good weather and plenty of cattails. I find all the clothes i need in the houses but nothing high end. Rifle and tools too.

Lots of blizzards and wolves. I get bored around day 30 again. I use my extra time to drag two climbing ropes to the ravine transition for the bleak inlet trip down the road sometime.


Make a bear skin bedroll since i'll have to sleep outside a bunch in Desolation Point, which is my next stop.

Again, no arrowheads to be found so can't upgrade that skill at all. boo.


but plenty of sun and surf though



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I drop almost everything in the trunk of that last car on the way to DP, keeping my bear bedroll, handgun and satchel. Hit the crumbling basement then the cave transition. Pick up many flares and many crowbars but curiously, no tools.

Got some extra clothes but i am noticing that the status for each is going down hill. I do wonder if all clothing after day 400 is ruined? No idea.

I make my way up the little deer clearing and pick up a bow and a few broken arrows. Then the lighthouse for some light looting. I hit the ship, then the whale place.

Get some decent clothes there, including two jacket type things. Nothing useful in the safe though. I have my handgun but i am going to need to go big so it's on to the cave.

carried one of my 5 flares into the cave and make the wolf pause before shooting him with the handgun. In the cave are two deer. i take my time harvesting both and the wolf.

At this time i have harvesting 5 which is useful because i have yet to find any tools other than a hacksaw at the whaling place. No simple tools so i will need to conserve that.






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Back to the ship. I know I need to make arrow heads but do i really have to make a knife and hatchet? crap.

i do find this gem though, which is sweet because at least i'll have 2 cans instead of one. You really get used to the cooking pot when you have it.



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and as luck would have it, while exploring the deck of the ship, i hear a bear growl and score one of the safest bear kills i've ever had. Too bad i don't have time to make the damn knife in order to harvest him or a hatchet to quarter him with.

still, one dead bear is better than no dead bear.



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and now cabin fever strikes at a bad time. and that bear was skinny too.

however, he fell right near Hibernia so i got all his meat, hide and guts. dropped the entrails inside the plant and was able to cook all the meat (30Kg) and pop it into those outdoor lockers by the stair case.

now off to the church to sleep a day or two with coal fire, saving enough left over to craft a few things.

got attacked by two wolves. fended them off with the hammer but no my BS bedroll is down to 80%. i was hoping to use that hide as 1/2 of a bear skin coat.

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DP day 12 - ditched the cabin fever by sleeping in the church with a coal fire for 2 nights. Bear Skin bedroll was the right choice to bring, i think. The only cave to sleep in has a bear tenant. even though i killed him, i'm not sure when he respawns and i don't want to wake up with him in my bathtub.

Crafted deerskin pants the slow way, using fishing tackle and i have 4 wolf skins marinating. Plenty of guts from the bear. I also have 2 snares each by the church and little isle.


i also crafted a knife and 8 arrow heads. I would have a handful of arrows made by now except i can't find where i stored my 2 birch saps to cook. I had to cut down two more. Not so great because i think there are only 5 total on this run.

had a great get in that little car on the ruined bridge. quality tools will enable me to continually fix my hacksaw so i can use that to chop wood and broccoli.


got fire 5 today. Kind of surprising it took this long actually. Killed a deer with the handgun and am about to cook up 8 steaks.




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DP Day 13 - found the original birch saps in the middle mine. that's what happens when you actually have a torch going through it.

here's my gear. Since it's so early in the DP run i was getting awful nervous about wearing out my non-animal clothes but now that i have a custom knife I can carve up all the old bedrolls by Hibernia.


 it's time to make some arrows.




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DP day 23 - killed my first wolf in a few days. It's strange not seeing/hearing wolves for a few days on end. The bear is long gone and i'm not sure how long it'll take for him to respawn.



that's what is getting odd about this run now. it could be because this is Desolation Point, but since i hit week 3 here i am not seeing any animals. I might snare a rabbit every few days but it's been a mostly empty map.

i was hoping to get the bear again and craft his coat with my cured hide but i don't think that'll be necessary. I just need two more wolf hides and i'll be making wolf coat #2 instead.

lots of silence and then a crazy blizzard. then more silence.

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DP Day 50 - last few weeks were spent in a lonely wander in the unholy triangle of church, ship, Hibernia. Made a ton of arrowheads since i decided to head to Mystery Lake for my next 50. I am going to try for some elite clothing there to bring to Bleak Inlet since the weather is terrible there and i am not too familiar with that map. I am bringing a bow and arrows as my next item to ML. so that makes, Bow and arrows, Bear Skin Bed Roll, and Handgun.

going to cut back through Coastal and then head through ravine.




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yeah, i've had an idea to make this run for a little while now. I really want that achievement but for me, it just isn't feasible on a Loper run. It's sort of counter intuitive. You spend all this time trying to get yourself into a safe place, with plenty of food and a break from the elements but then that actively discourages you from taking any sort of chances or exploring.

having to give up most of your equipment as you go to the next map emphasizes the part of the game i like the most, which is the very beginning when you are in true danger from the elements and you have to scramble to fine resources. That being said, it allows you to keep one item per map because how many moose hide satchels do i really need to create. There is a real sense of accomplishment when you get that first Moose and finally craft something.

Desolation Point has been the only real drag so far for me. At the very end, only one wolf would spawn every few days and there just wasn't much to explore. Small map afterall.

I also like Stalker because the danger is there because of all the common and aggressive predators but the loot table offers a lot of variation that Loper does not.


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Mystery Lake Day 7 - I set up camp in the lake cave. There are so many wolves that there hasn't been a need for fishing. I just crept back to the damn and made up my first deerskin pants. I'll be heading back to the camp office shortly to make my first wolfskin coat. I also found Mukluks in the dam safe so it'll be nice not having to craft boots for once.

i am hoping to land another piece of elite clothing on this map. My next stop is Bleak Inlet and i am pretty sure i won't be finding an extra pair of socks or undies and it can get very cold quick there.

Ideally, i would wish myself some snow pants but not sure where that would be on this map. No prybar either so all locked dam lockers are unavailable to me.




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ML Day 11 - bit of a dilemma here, nothing terrible though. Finished two pairs of deerskin pants, 1 wolfskin coat and a rabbit hat to bring my temp up to +21.

then i wake up about to head from camp office over to trappers to go on a bear hunt (there was none at the lake) and i wake up and find this. Should i cut him up and bring it all to trappers? i can't store him at the camp office and i don't want/need to head all the way back to my cave. i could use the food to live at trappers for a while too.




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3 minutes ago, Dalos said:

Should i cut him up and bring it all to trappers? 

I would, depending on how much fuel is, and would be, on thefire, and if there was enough to cook the meat. I cannot remember if cooked meat draws others to your location, but I don't think it does. Raw meat definitely would, but you have great condition and so could probably survive a tussle or two.

If there are no, or few, risks, then I'd go for it. You would most likely be set for some time, at least until you need to leave, if you ration it, and it's a rather fat deer.


Though,  I wouldn't recommend taking my opinion, as I have never played on Stalker before-

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ML day 16 - not too much useful in Trappers. Certainly no prybar. none by the tunnel to Muskeg either.

i ended up cooking a few deer and wolf steaks in the good weather outside of the camp office and bringing all of it to Trappers. Not the hides or guts though. "Never take the guts", i think somebody here once posted that and I have lived by it.

strangely, i didn't run into any wolf or bear trouble on the way to trappers despite running 3 scent bars the whole time. No bear there or at mystery lake, which is a new one for me on Stalker. i did find this delicious piece of fir on my way to the lonely cabin by the lake.

Did not one-shot him though. Will have to hunt for his rotten bones tomorrow.



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ML same day - stopped on my way to the cabin to chop up some wood and found my honeybear. He was nice enough to expire right near the cabin and give me my arrow back too.



and nice enough, i got the two dead body spawn near the cabin to store his steaks in, and a bonus prybar to boot!



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