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The long dark specifically states don’t use anything you learn in the game for actually trying to survive ,but that shouldn’t stop interest in learning the game teaches basic things like weight management, the importance of fire , the importance of proper clothing and what supplies you might need . I’m not saying go off with a hatchet and some matches in the woods but maybe instead go down a survival rabbit hole and watch several videos and maybe read some books then maybe you can’t gear up and survive a real winter or just enjoy the nicer months :)

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6 hours ago, odizzido said:

From my experience multitools are really common in canada. I have one on me right now and I know many other people do as well. They're never as good as a dedicated tool but often times they are good enough and come with the massive benefit of being super portable. I find it highly likely you would have access to them. Thinking about how that would help gameplay wise though is another thing. In TLD all we really need is a knife so it might not be very useful.

I was going to comment on the weight of the knife. My multitool is probably about 80-100 grams and the knife in TLD is 500g.....but that made me realise that the knife in this game is really on the high end of heavy. I am looking online right now to try to find a knife that heavy and I haven't seen any. 200-400g is pretty common and 400+ is quite rare. I found a specifically marketed as a large knife and it's only 430g.


Seeing that I just took a look at some hatchets. I found the following ones, 630g, 930g, 566g, and 680g. The one in TLD is 1500g. Where on bear island are the residents finding these super heavy tools? Sorry I am getting off topic now.....going to start a new thread.

Maybe it’s a larger hunting knife also yeah multitools are everywhere I have a few I carry daily 

23 hours ago, Ijustwantsleds said:
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On 9/29/2020 at 8:53 PM, Ijustwantsleds said:

The long dark specifically states don’t use anything you learn in the game for actually trying to survive

It shouldn't stop you for sure and you should go for it if that's your thing but Hinterland put that disclaimer there so people don't get sick or injured and then turn around and sue them for damages.

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