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Hi, I'm new to the game (Switch version), the game is great and I'm on my 4th day survival.  Now the question is, I found some coffee and some tea, but I don't know how to make it.  I have 2 lt of clean water, but from the menu in the food section when I select the coffee / tea, the option to create it does not appear, I also tried while the water is boiling to add it but I cannot find the option.  I would like to prepare them since it is 33% and I would not want to throw them away, because i think in the next days they will be helpful.

Sorry for my english, thanks to those who will help me

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It's the same as within any other food item. You don't cook them by selecting the raw version, but by selecting a cooking surface or pot/can and then selecting what you want to cook



 because i think in the next days they will be helpful.

It's better to save coffee unless you really need it. Coffee lowers fatigue, which makes it super helpful for climbing ropes. Cooked drinks don't lose condition however, so cooking a low condition raw version is good. Though with 33% you have some time. Item decay is greatly exaggerated, but it's not that fast

Herbal tea increases condition recovery. But that only matters on Interloper difficulty. On lower modes you can use it for warmth too

Otherwise if you need a warmth boost for outside it's better to use one of the natural teas. Birch bark, rose hip or reshi.

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I realize this is your first game and you don't know the maps, but it's really not that bad. FM isn't an easy map, even when you know it, but there is plenty of stuff there to survive. Take your tools and some food and you're fine for supplies. There are lots of plants there to harvest and you can make many teas from local resources.

Teas can be a nice bit of calories, but their big benefit is that they warm you up so you can stay outside a bit longer without freezing. Though if things go truly bad a tea probably isn't going to save you.

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18 hours ago, Serenity said:

Coffee lowers fatigue, which makes it super helpful for climbing ropes.

Tagging off that, in addition to restoring 10% of your fatigue subcondition, it halves fatigue drain due to walking or sprinting for 1 hour.  (Fatigue lost from climbing ropes is unaffected.) Energy drinks recover 60% of your fatigue, but once the Fatigue Reduced buff wears off, you instantly lose 50% condition. So take care that you don't lose that buff at a critical time, because it can quite easily tank your Fatigue straight to zero.

If your fatigue is currently topped off prior to a climb (like if you grabbed a power nap at the base of the rope), the best time to drink the coffee is after the climb, to recover what you just lost.  If you are NOT topped off, then drink the coffee before.  That extra 10% of recovered fatigue makes you slightly faster on the rope than otherwise, which means less fatigue lost during the climb.

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I would like to add that in my current game I had an issue where I ran out of food and was stuck due to blizzards in a location. The only thing that saved me and allowed me to wait out the storm was the small bit of calories that I was able to get from herbal tea and coffee. It was a two day blizzard with just enough time to grab some wood to keep a fire going. Everybody is correct though that it is best to save coffee and tea but without it I would've died from lack of food stuck out in the Pleasant Valley.

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