"Well Fed" Condition bar glitch


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First of all, this game is awesome.

Secondly, I'm not sure if this is even a glitch.


This glitch isn't too troublesome but I'm not sure if anyone playing Nintendo Switch has noticed, so I will share this.

I play on Nintendo Switch.

I have been "Well Fed" for the allotted time and I have picked up the "Well Fed" perk. It shows and is reflected on my HUD. The glitch in question is the Condition Bar itself. The bar's empty area is expanded on both ends showing that it is "unfilled" but also displays the increase of Condition in blue.

I have attached a few pictures and a video.

Screenshot 1 details that I hold the Well Fed perk but it has dwindled over time

Screenshot 2 details after 6+ hours of rest, I have restored the Well Fed perk

Screenshot 3 details the Condition bar

The video I've attached walks you through the events



Hope this helps!


Survive on!

- Tako


P.s. Let me know if the attachments don't upload.

The Long Dark Screenshot 1.png

The Long Dark Screenshot 2.png

The Long Dark Screenshot 3.png

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I don't think the video uploaded, I've attached a YouTube link to the video in question https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UnjjJgiI-vU
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