Ep. 1 & 2 transition bug


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Just bought this game a week ago for Nintendo Switch and I love it! New favorite game so far. (Way better quarantine game than animal crossing) Anyway...

(I'm playing Wintermute) 

I finished my run of Episode 1 and upon exiting the Cave there was no cutscene. I actually didn't know there was to be a cutscene so, as a new player, I kept on exploring. I found a cabin with a dude hunched over on a bed and a Rifle on the workbench. Took the rifle and went on my merry way.

I was able to 100% explore and scour the entire Forlon Muskeg region, so now, when I need to go there I will be "prepared." There was not one Wolf or Bear spawn. But there were Deer.

Once I began to question why my quest wasn't progressing I looked into it and realized that there was a transition bug from the end of Episode 1 into the start of Episode 2. I walked back to the Cave, entered and exited a few times, slept a few hours here and there and the cutscene finally triggered and I was able to progress.

What was interesting is that every item was reset. Now there's another rifle in the cabin, frozen corpse's are reset, all the cache boxes are reset, and my inventory wasn't affected. Now there's wolves spawning in as well so I assume everything is back in working order.

Being quite new to The Long Dark and early in my gameplay, this glitch is definitely helpful to me even though it's a far cry from the realism that the devs were going for 😉 

Just wanted to let the community know!

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