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It would be particularly useful in fog! But I quite like the fact I can get completely turned around in fog - it challenges my own navigation. 

Which I think brings us to why there is no compass yet: I believe the game wants us to rely on landmark based navigation, plus the sun/moon. Getting lost is another environmental threat to survive.

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I think a compass would take away from a lot of what I love about the game...

On 9/13/2019 at 11:48 PM, ManicManiac said:

...outside of the reasons laid out by the lore... not being able to have a compass is also wonderful in this game because it causes the player to get creative and use other methods for learning about and navigating through the wonders of Great Bear Island.  Having to pay attention to our surroundings and what we're doing is of primary importance in this game.

All in all, I'd say a compass is really just not need.

On 11/21/2019 at 10:15 PM, ManicManiac said:

And in my opinion, the best thing for new players is to learn how to navigate through the world by way of paying attention to their surroundings and basic orienteering techniques (since it seems to me that was part of the point of there not being a compass to begin with).

I respect Hinterland's creative/design decisions for their game.  It seems clear that they don't feel that a compass is necessary for players... and from my personal experience, I agree.  It's not difficult to figure out how to orient and navigate without such things in this game.

I see no need whatsoever for a compass in this game, and I think it would take away far too much from the game were it to be added.

In my view it's bad enough that we already have one bit of handholding and "player safety nets" in the form of the "...are you sure you want to eat that?" prompt... I think the last thing this game needs are more things designed solely to make life easier for the player.  I feel that "the struggle" and the need for careful and deliberate action are some of the vital components of the essential "flavor" of this game.


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