Lost after leaving the Cave from Milton


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Morning All,

Spoilers Maybe for those who havnt left Milton?

I just picked up The Long Dark on Switch, loving it so far. Doing Wintermute first to get the hang of it, My issue is i have the quest to Find my way through the mountains for Paradise Lost, i've left the grey mother at milton, done the rock climb down, met with the guy around the camp fire, continued on, went through a long cave where nothing really eventful happened. Popped out in a clearing with an old shed and a hut, in the hut was a Rifle, and a person sleeping on a bed. Couldnt interact with the person, I slept on the floor, they didnt wake up the next day etc. I had no map of this area so I just walked on. Found some train tracks and took a left, ended up at the hydro dam, found a few keys inside, medical supplies, couldnt get into the control room or downstairs past the locked gate. Spent about an hour there, went back, followed the tracks all the way back, past where i joined them, through a tunnel and popped out in Forlorn Muskeg, kept following the tracks basically in a straight line, now in Broken Railroad Reigon.

So basically im asking what the buggery am i meant to be doing to find my way through the mountains? I feel like the mountains are well and truly behind me. I feel i must have a missed some sort of check point or something? 

Any help would be fantastic.


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Nevermind, after reading some other posts i've realised im afflicted with the 'Chapter 2 bug', after going in and out of the cave a few times i got the cut scene with the bear. Hopefully i didnt break the game somehow by continuing on too far and triggering things i needed later.



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