Bear attack bug?


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At the end of Episode 1 the bear attack on the trapper does not happen. When I get to his cabin he is laying in his bed. It says I am still in Episode 1. I have watched a few walkthroughs where upon leaving the cave the attack happens and closes out episode 1.  I have restarted the game now and had the same issue. I watched the walkthrough and I don't seem to be missing any steps that I needed  to tiger the cut scene. Is this a bug or am I missing something. Sorry if this is posted in the wrong spot I thought it might be a bug. I am playing on the Switch.  Thank you!

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We managed to fix this problem by waiting for button prompt to appear as opposed to just walking out of the cave. Holding A to leave the cave triggered the bear cutscene actually doubled some items in the inventory (like the rifle). It also marked the missions in episode 2 that I had already done completed. It seems like we're good for now.

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