My Most Memorable Camping Trip (and probably worst)

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Me and my family used to go camping years ago, but don't anymore sadly because my parents don't care for it much. 

There was this one camping trip we went on back in 2013 that stands out from the rest. For the most part, it wasn't a good experience but it gave us some memories to chuckle over in the future.

So here is how it went;

First day, we headed to go to pick my uncle and cousin up (as they were coming along on the trip with us) Our plan was to pitch tents at this campground, as we previously had camped in cabins and RVs. 

But the weather became cloudy and it started to drizzle. There was even a tornado watch nearby! It started raining harder and we made the decision to spend the night at a motel and see if the next day would be better.

The next day was better, so we put up the tents and picked up my uncle and cousin and brought them to the campsite. My uncle tried to teach me to fish, but we had no fruits for our efforts. 

(From this point on, since this was a long time ago and I don't remember exactly when everything happened, this stuff below isn't going to be in chronological order)

We went around the campground itself and checked it out. There was a ice cream eating contest at the pavilion and me, my cousin and uncle participated.

My uncle won and got a coupon for a free game at the campground's mini golf course. Him, me and my cousin went there but the mini golf course wasn't held together well and there were a crazy amount of bugs and mosquitoes (even though we had bug spray, they were also bad back at our campsite) so we lost interest and left soon after we started.

Another event we did at the pavilion was attend karaoke. My uncle sang and I sang, even though I'm a self-conscious and self-aware person who's shy. 

There was a pool at the campground with a slide that I found pretty fun, but I didn't have much time to enjoy it as a thunderstorm rolled in.

At some point we decided to go to a nearby drive-in. Near the end of the movie we were watching, the car battery died and we had to get a jump from some other people.

To make it worse, it started raining as we left the drive-in and headed back to the campground. The rain didn't last long, but it totally soaked my uncle's tent and some of his stuff (which didn't make him happy, my mom had to reprimand him to keep his voice down as it was late)

My cousin had to move her sleeping bag over to the tent me and my parents were using, and I wasn't super thrilled with that as I don't like sleeping next to people. (and my cousin wasn't my most favorite person per se back then)

The day after that (all this was taking place within the course of four days or so, I believe?) we decided we had enough of this failed camping trip and cut it short. Packed up, took my uncle and cousin home and headed home ourselves.

So that was my most memorable (and probably worst) camping trip. Now that I think of it, its probably what turned my parents off to camping 😂



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