Food Poisoning


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Yes, it's still a risk.

If you have Cooking - Level 5 then you do have the following benefit: "Never get Parasites or Food poisoning from cooked food. Also retroactive, meaning carnivore meat cooked before level 5 will also carry no risk of Parasites or Food poisoning."

Apart from that:
Like most other "risk" factors in the game, contracting food poisoning is pseudorandomly determined based on a probability.  The probability is also linked to the food item's condition.  So, even if a food item is at really low condition, you'll notice that the food poisoning risk is never 100%, therefore if one is extremely lucky... they could eat several low condition food items without contracting food poisoning.  :)   *It's all in the hands of the RNG.*  

For your specific example of Cooked Wolf Meat

As shown here (though admittedly I can't vouch for how accurate the site's information is...) even if we were to eat RAW wolf meat that was ruined, there is still a 5% chance that we'd not contract food poisoning.


Now Intestinal Parasites, on the other hand, is a little bit different.  I'm not going to explicitly explain it here because that wasn't the topic of discussion, however I did link to the Fandom Wiki page for any one interested. :)


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