Why doesn't exercise produce heat?


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I really like this game, and I'm also outdoorsy. Hike in New England winters in the White Mountains with temperatures going to -20F. One thing that kind of irritates me: Why doesn't exercise seem to produce heat? If you are running up a hill, as long as you are well fed you are going to produce a lot of body heat.

It's not unusual for me to strip down to almost a T-shirt when I'm going up a mountain if it's not wind exposed. Especially slogging through with snow shoes (or bare booting as our protagonist does). Similarly, you can die of hypothermia as your temperature while doing tasks like chopping wood which are pretty intense.

I just wish there was a mod for this. But I love this game, and when I can't get outside it's great to have this to go to :)

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I suppose the question is does it affect temps enough? I do agree with the OP in that its unrealistic. Gameplay wise - i'm really not sure if I'd like more heating from activity. Windchill would become more relevant, as the OP says. However, I suppose it would be exploitable: unless you're in a blizzard you could probably travel anywhere with sprint with no threat from cold.

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