My thoughts on the Nintendo Switch Port


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Disclaimer: I haven't bought the game yet, whatever I say is based on gameplay and pictures I've seen of the port.

First of all, awesome job you've done at hinterland at porting that game.

There are two issues I have nevertheless, first of all, the logo of long dark doesn't blend in at all on the home screen and games list with other games. I think the long dark text logo would fit much better. If you want to take a look at how good icons for the switch look like I suggest this page:

Also to see how other games adopted their icons to fit better I suggest this page:


Secondly, I think the texture of items is kept too low. When you pick up items the first thing you see is the item in it's blurry lowest resolution. I don't know whether it's technically possible to use higher resolutions in the "item previews" but I think it would be really beneficial for the overall feel of the game. If you pick up a can of soda it feels much better to recognize something as a can of soda instead of a mash of texture that no one could identify.

But other than that I think I'm gonna pick the game up but it would be awesome if there could be some improvements made. :)


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Update (10. October 2021)

After having a nice icon for the last year we're back to the logo I criticized and which really stands out in a not so great way on the switch.

Also gyro controls using the pro controller still don't really work since they're using the roll instead of the yaw axis on the pro controller which makes it unnatural to look around using the controller.

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