IWBNTH: A key to help with placing items.


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IWBNTH = It would be nice to have

When placing obviously if the item is RED it cannot be placed for reasons and if the item is GREEN it can be placed.  What this suggestion is about is for when, for some reason, the placement state of the item oscillates rapidly between RED and GREEN.  Clicking to place the darn thing while this is going on tends to get the "item is too close to another item" and sometimes it will stop cycling and actually turn GREEN and then can be placed.   It can take a while and some patience to actually get to that situation. 

I am a keyboard and mouse player so providing for a key that allows the placement action to be completed once the item cycles to GREEN might be helpful (to my temper and patience 😁 ).  I find it annoying as well that when trying to place something that the act of moving my finger to the LMB can cause the GREEN item to move minutely and go RED.

Just a thought.  There now I can get back to fighting with getting fish laid on a floor rug/mat.

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