I may have screwed the game up completely...


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Okay, so I'm on E2, chapter 1. After fixing the transition bug from E1 to E2, I then get and complete the quest to explore the Dam. (And yes, I had previously explored the area before I realised there was a problem.)

Now, the Wounded Trapper quest is stuck in my journal and I cannot transition to Forlorn Muskeg.

Please help as I love this game and I don't want to skip this episode because of one bug.

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12 hours ago, oakiboy said:

how did you fix the transition bug??? im cant fix it at all 

I did what other fixes have advised: keep going in and out of the cave. It varies for some people; 3 times, 5 times... It took me close to 10 for it to work.

But I figured out why shit didn't work for me: I progressed so far into the bugged playthrough that it just broke on me. So I had to start again and lose everything.

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I think the same must have happened to me.

I was not aware of any cutscenes meant to be happening and have just kept playing through the game.

I then encountered a bear whilst on a crashed train and there was a cut scene.

After that the screen is now just completely black except I can see text if I move the camera stick and happen to hit on an object.

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We managed to fix this problem by waiting for button prompt to appear as opposed to just walking out of the cave. Holding A to leave the cave triggered the bear cutscene actually doubled some items in the inventory (like the rifle). It also marked the missions in episode 2 that I had already done completed. It seems like we're good for now.

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