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Dear hinterland

I have played long dark for 1 year now and my greatest wish is too have a light  that will last longer , from road flares, flare shells, Marina flares and my idea I would like is to have glowsticks with some more bright in darkest of winter, glow stick would be useful so you don't waste flares or oil lantern or makeshift torch , it's a idea I wanted to happen on long dark , I hope you can make this happen for all long dark players, some area's of the frost world are too dark too see what adventure's we travel on

Your game fan Panda

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Personally, I think the lighting sources we have are just fine as they are.
Lantern fuel is pretty easy to stockpile, sticks are free for fire which equals cheap torches, even fire can be free given sunlight and a magnifying glass.

Our light sources already last a pretty long time relatively speaking... especially when you take into consideration the games time scale (12:1  game time/real time).

For example:
Flares burn for 5 minutes in "real time", this means they burn for 1 hour of "game time." 
A full lantern will burn for 20 minutes in "real time," which means it burns for 4 hours of "game time."

I think the duration of the light sources we have now are already fairly generous, relative to the game's time scale.  I think the only use for wanting those light sources to last longer is solely to make life easier for the player... and I'm rarely in favor of things are only there to make life easier for the player.

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I think that having a glowstick wont make the game easyer assuming that they can spawn instead of the flares. It will make the game harder... beacause here are the list of things that make the game harder with glowstick.

-less bright than a flare

-do not scare wildlife

Good things that makes the game easier

-lighter than the flare

-last a long time (8 hours for example) 

-you could easily do some work in the dark but it could be limited like is is not enough light to read books, repair furr clothes craft with somethinf else than handcraft etc etc.


Imagine the mood of having to travel down a cave with only your glowstick that almost lights you. This is

some real survivor shit.

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