Started my first Stalker run...


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So. Many. Predators.


A bear in front of Trapper's cabin? Not cool.

(Sadly I was hoping for more challenge without more predators. I know, I know, it says it in the difficulty description.)

Day 4 in ML, still don't have a single tool or weapon. These animals are definitely going to get me... lol

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17 hours ago, Serenity said:

The bear can be there on any difficulty. Stalker only jacks up the wolves to 11

You can do a custom game with worse weather and less loot (though Stalker still has stuff everywhere), but Voyager wolves for example

Wow, I was in ML for a long time and never saw a bear there.  A moose yes, but not a bear. Guess I dodged it. Although that moose broke a few ribs! XD

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I think Bear spawn-points are determined at the start of each run.
(or perhaps when we first enter a region - I don't claim to know for sure which)

There are four possible spots for a bear den that I know of in Mystery Lake.  Some runs we might get all 4 appearing... some runs we might not have any at all.  :)


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I started on voyager and skipped stalker entirely in favour of moving to Interloper, precisely because I wanted to get mugged less by wildlife while advancing difficulty vs environment. After I began experimenting with custom, I pretty much favour it. I enjoy harsh conditions and less wolves so I can explore more without making it a wolf obstacle course. When you turn on custom, it lets you choose stalker - this will give you base stalker stats - then you can go to the wolfs tab and bears tab and switch them from  high to medium or low and keep the rest of the stalker settings. ☺️

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With the wolf as the icon of Stalker, it is not super surprising that they are quite abundant in this mode! :)

I can relate to this post because I have started my first Stalker run recently (fortunately it's been lucky so far as I have gotten the important tools, the Rifle and Revolver...)

And I never saw a bear myself anywhere near Trapper's Homestead, but I always see one on Mystery Lake itself and have just survived a close encounter with one near the destroyed foresty lookout.

Anyways have some good luck on your first 🐺 run! 💜

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