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After a long slow-burn development process, we’re happy to announce that The Long Dark is now available on Nintendo Switch!

For the first time ever, you can take The Long Dark with you wherever your own exploration takes you, with all of Great Bear Island in your hands and all the experiences contained in the WINTERMUTE Story Mode, as well as our award-winning Survival Mode. Whether you’re sitting at your desk, on your couch, or on the road searching for your next shelter, you’ll have the same innovative exploration-survival experience regardless of what platform you’re playing on.

For more information on The Long Dark on Nintendo Switch, including the announcement trailer, please visit

Keep in mind that your purchase of The Long Dark entitles you to all five episodes of WINTERMUTE (with Episodes One, Two, and Three currently available, and Episode Four around the corner; new episodes will be automatically unlocked as they become available), as well as regular bug fixes and updates to Survival Mode along the way.

Head over to the Nintendo eShop and venture into the Quiet Apocalypse of The Long Dark! And if you’re a journalist or a streamer and are interested in giving The Long Dark a try on Switch, please contact us here.

We hope you enjoy The Long Dark on Nintendo Switch!

– The Hinterland Team


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Awesome! I bought the Long Dark way back in the alpha for a pitifully small amount - think it was around eight quid - so it's a good thing that I picked up a Switch at the start of lockdown back in March to see me through the isolation, and can now properly fling some more brass Hinterland's way. I'm going to enjoy playing this curled up on the sofa, or in bed, or huddled in an abandoned box-car someplace in winter with two layers of clothing wrapped around me by the flickering light of a fire-barrell. Reckon I'll stick with the PC exclusively for my story mode run, but I'm going to have fun doing more survival mode experiments on the Switch. 

Anyway, I sure look forward to seeing how it runs on that little wonder, and here's all the best to Hinterland for the Switch release. Hope it moves lots. I'll be back with some thoughts and impressions of the Switch release.

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Congrats on the launch, I've been looking forward to this for a long time.

I have some feedback that I hope can be addressed.

- The motion controls are currently using the gyroscope's yaw to calculate horizontal camera moment. Yaw is sometimes used for handheld mode specifically, because turning the entire console in that way feels a bit more natural. But Roll is the standard for detached joycons and pro controllers, so most people used to gyro aiming on the switch will find it difficult. The best solution is to add an option where the user can pick between roll and yaw to aim on the horizontal axis.

- Motion controls do not have their own dedicated sensitivity setting. Their default setting is also very sensitive for this type of slower-paced, exploratory game. Most players will want to turn down the motion controls but the stick sensitivity will be so low that it will make broad camera movement agonizingly slow (say, for turning around). Motion aiming needs it's own sensitivity slider separate from stick sensitivity.

I really appreciate that your team took the time to implement motion controls as I struggle to play games without them. Unfortunately they are currently very unwieldy and difficult to use comfortably. Hoping for a fix <3

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Guest jeffpeng

Since I know a little bit about the limitations and pitfalls of the hardware the Switch is running on kudos for making it work. I hope it sells well :-) 

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