Squeaky Lanterns


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  • 4 weeks later...

lol, I just recently noticed that sometimes the sound(s) that I make walking are somewhat different from time to time depending on what I am carrying.  Is that a thing or am I just imagining it?  on a side note, I kinda dislike the equipment noise for a couple of different reasons.   
let me preface by saying that I grew up in a military family and hunting/fishing and camping were a big part of our "survival" training as a youngster.  I was taught to pack my gear and lash items to my pack in order to make the minimum amount of noise in order to remain as stealthy as possible, especially if I was upwind of our prey during a hunt, as my scent alone was enough to give away my position, let alone the noise of a poorly arranged knapsack or backpack broadcasting that fact I was there to every living creature in the forest.  

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