Finished my first Challenge!


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Hopeless Rescue was my first challenge to complete after over 120+ gameplay hours. At first I underestimated the time limit and messed around trying to find better protection against the cold, but ended up having to restart by the time I got to the summit of Timberwolf Mountain. On the second try I wasted no time and got to the lighthouse in Desolation Point right before the 7th day. I took a screenshot before I ended my journey traveling across Great Bear Island to share my victory with others who completed the challenge. I've never been to Timberwolf Mountain until this challenge, and boy was it difficult to navigate.


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Congrats :) 

i did tried this challenge once when i started playing and i wasnt able to finish it beacause of the times they give to us and then i just saw a post like 10 mins ago it is someone who attempted to finish this challenge in less than 24 hours it made me want to try iit again

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