What just happened to this bear???


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I earlier posted about an instant spawn bear.

Yesterday, I encountered a bear that clearly glitched out at Mountaineer's Hut. It started teleporting all over the place and it was complete chaos.

I am guessing it was a pathing issue to do with the pier on Crystal Lake. One viewer also said that when a bear glitches out, you can "guide" the teleportation with the aim.

Here is a clip of what happened:

Glitching, Floating, Teleporting Bear


PS: This same bear was glitchy before the events in the clip. I kited him down from his den, up the river, and he got stuck on a rock. He did not move at all until I shot an arrow, which caused him to get free. He then jumped/teleported up and down rocks until finally settling on the icy river. Don't know if this is related, but it was a glitchy bear to begin with.

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I was playing in that area the other day and mine did this, too, only in near the hills on the other side of the lake. He first went to sleep (twice!) at the bottom of the hill, which was very strange since I thought it bled out quickly but I heard snoring and him get up soon after. It seems whenever it runs around and turns, that it'll teleport weirdly just try and get to where I am.

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