TWM - Meat To Your Door


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One of my fav things to do in my current (Voyager) run is snipe the bear from the Mountaineer's Hut.

This one decided to die on my doorstep. Nice!

I'm actually finding TWM to be a good place to speed run my final days to the 500 day achievement. The hut is warm enough, and with cooking 5, I have Deer, Fish, Bear, Wolf and Rabbits all within eyesight of my base. :D I currently have 3 rock caches full of meat. LOL (Might be time to go up to Stalker hahaha.)



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Nice drop! I've just recently opened up to TWM. For some reason I'd be avoiding it. I'd been there and I'd climbed the summit, but I had never gone back, and the time I had spent there was rushed.

Now I'm on interloper and have learned the TWM is an essential early stop for good gear. So I started a Stalker run to learn the map better and OH BOY! this is a great map. I'm kicking myself for waiting so long.

As for 'meat to your door' I've recently learned the trick of luring wolves into bow range with rock throwing. I'll sit inside the hut and lob rocks until I catch their attention. Then it's open season! I've even shot a bear using the rocks to lure him in.


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