Teleporting Bear


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I get that all the time... except it's usually after I have already shot him once... following the blood trail and he suddenly just winks out of the picture only to be found later in a completely remote part of the map!  There's some doubters here on the forums that will tell you this sort of thing never happens, thanks for providing definite proof of bear teleportation!

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23 hours ago, Zaknafein said:

During an interloper run, I was walking along Mystery Lake looking for the bear. Could not see it.

I turn around, then turn back, and now he is suddenly in my face.

I presume this is a bug? The bear either teleported or instantly spawned right in front of me.

For a clip of the event, see this link:

Teleporting Bear

Obligatory "not a game developer," but I am an observant player. I've never had this experience with a bear, but I have had it with branches, cedar/fir limbs, and sticks occasionally. Particularly in Timberwolf Mountain when living at the Mountaineer's Cabin. I'll clear out all the sticks and branches for firewood, and then go for days in-game without seeing any more spawn. Then I exit game, restart game, exit the Mountaineer's Cabin, see no sticks or branches, do a 360 degree turn, and suddenly there's branches and sticks everywhere.


What I've noticed while playing this game is that if something needs to spawn in the game environment, but has not already done so, it will not do it as long as you are looking directly at where it is supposed to spawn. The moment you look away, (and in the case of wildlife, if you are a "safe" distance away) it will spawn. I suspect this has to do with maintaining immersion. After all, having wildlife spawn suddenly in front of you while you're travelling would be an excellent way to remind you that you're playing a game, and I suspect Hinterland wants to avoid that.


I suspect that's what was happening in your clip. The bear was supposed to spawn, but because you were looking directly at its spawn point at first, it couldn't. Then once you looked away -- once the spawn field was no longer in your field of view -- the game spawned in the bear, judging you to be a safe enough distance away to not trigger an immediate charge.

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