Mystery Lake prepper caches changes ?


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Hi, I'm pretty sure over the years that at least minor changes had to be made with the positions or locations of the prepper caches, so I'm wondering if there's a place with the most updated location information for them? I've scoured YouTube and nothing seems concrete. Also, is it true that out of the 9 prepper caches in Mystery Lake region, does only 1 randomly spawn and none of the other ones do? I thought I remember reading that somewhere a while back.

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The way prepper caches work in both Mistery Lake and Pleasant Valley is that only 1 will spawn in each of those regions in a location picked at random from the 9 possible spawn locations. So if in one playthrough the clothing bunker spawns, it doesn't mean it will appear again in the next one, another one might spawn instead (Firewood, Medical, Tools or Food).

I personally haven't noticed any inconsistencies in bunker spawn locations in Mistery Lake. They're challenging to find, so just check the region map and watch YouTube videos and keep checking every possible spawn location in your playthrougs until you find one. If even after doing this you can't find any you should report that to us so we can see what's wrong.

For Pleasant Valley on the other hand I've noticed that in previous versions prepper caches weren't spawning correctly in the region, in my current playthrough I've checked every single spawn location in the region and couldn't find any bunkers. It seems that this has been fixed now, but I'm not sure if missing bunkers will reappear in playthroughs were they were previously not present, does anyone know if that is the case?

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