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So recently I got into knives and have wanted one for a long time but never knew the laws as each state laws vary with certain knives you can own and carry. Turns out my state is pretty lenient on knives and you can carry blades including automatic and spring assisted knives up to 3.5 inches but you can't conceal them either.

My first knife is a Tac Force flip knife that I got on Amazon for 10 dollars.. Now I know what you're thinking. But Autumn.. You should get a more expensive knife, that one won't last long. Now while this was a very cheap knife, it has held up really well so far plus it has a glass breaker, seat belt cutter and a bottle opener. For 10 dollars, I think that's a pretty good deal. Got to test it out yesterday but too bad it was on my own hand :D I deserved it because I was messing around with it in my hand kind of moving the blade back and forth and it grazed my hand, I bled a bit but it's safe to say that it came sharp LOL!



My second knife is a Smith and Wesson automatic single action OTF(Out the Front) knife, I got this one on Grindworx for 45 dollars. Quick deploy and the deploy sound, mmm baby hehe Plus it also has a glass breaker. I haven't accidentally cut myself yet but we'll see LOL plus I work in a grocery store deli and with all the times I have cut myself with a knife, I really don't feel anything anymore except for one isolated incident with a hedge trimmer at home but that's another story.. Yes I still have all my fingers and limbs :D 



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I long time wanted a blacksmith to order a pair of knives, custom made to my liking, but
1 - It's hard to find blacksmiths around here
2 - They'd probably be much more expensive than I let myself spend on a knife - not that they're not worth tho, every craftsman work is a piece of art, and well worth the price, OFC

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