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Having not played for at least 6 months, I decided to come up with another new angle on my play time. (One of these days I'll continue the saga of Bjorn the Berserker, who only eats raw meat). So I'm playing in default stalker, with one simple rule - No Fires! 

Obviously, there can be some issues with cold, when you can't have a fire, but that's really only dangerous for the first week or two. Once I made it up to the top of TWM, I really didn't have to worry too much about the cold. The obvious limiting factor here, is water. 

Normally, water is an unlimited resource. But this is more like my first few playthroughs of TLD back in a beta where the fact that I could boil water wasn't obvious, so I was desperately looking for soda. This playthough will eventually end, when my character can find no more toilets, vending machines, or abandoned homes. Here's my haul, after 30 days, having emptied TWM, PV, and about half of CH. My guess is that I'll be able to last about 100-150 days before I die of thirst. But it's been a fun challenge so far! 



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