Bug: Adding a torch as fuel to fire resets fire time


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Description: Adding a torch as fuel to an already built fire resets the fire lifespan

Was outdoors in Pleasant Valley, had made a fire and was adding all my fuel to increase fire time. I had got it up to some 5 hours when I accidentally clicked to add a torch as fuel as well (I usually wouldn't), and *BOOM* my fire time resets from 5 hours to 15 minutes. Presumably the 15 minutes is the amount of time the torch should have *added* to the total fire time; it seems to have treated it as if I was building a new fire with just the torch as fuel.

I was using the last of my wood to build a fire and rest outside since I was exhausted and freezing. This glitch caused me to fade into the long dark =/

Windows 8.1

v 1.99

I haven't attempted to recreate the bug. Presumably to replicate the bug you would build an outdoor fire with wood, then add a torch as fuel.

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