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Hello, fellow survivors.

I'm 33 and live in Oregon state. I watched a friend play TLD back in 2017 (I think?) on PS4. He described it as an episodic game that wasn't finished--it looked interesting, but I wasn't gaming much then, so I forgot about it.

Last summer, my brother got me into Subnautica. It was my favorite gaming experience in many, many years, but over too quickly and without a ton of replay possibilities (plus it was almost prohibitively buggy on classic PS4). I saw The Long Dark mentioned a lot on reddit, for folks who were experiencing Subnautica withdrawals, and decided to try it.

Wow--the game captured me completely. I had a month or so with few only a little work/school, and I sank a hundred hours into it. When school and work started back up, I tried to make time for TLD in between. I got a good Voyager sandbox going, and made it to 132 days, mostly in Desolation Point. Eventually, my run ended trying to explore Hushed River Valley (on my first day there.) It was a crushing enough loss that I managed to put the game away for awhile.

This year, I have a similar break for the month of September, and due to quarantine I have been pretty broke, so I haven't been buying new games. I fired up the Long Dark, but found Voyager to be a little easy. I decided to try Interloper. Dang. It took me a couple of (IRL) false starts (probably 20 sandboxes lost to the first 2-3days, most of them on the first day) before I was able to get a decent run (20 days) going. I lost that run, but started again and am now at about day 35.

I haven't played any story content yet but will likely do it soon, nor have I played the challenges, but might try a few out when I need a break from the stress of my Interloper game.

Anyway, I *love* this game and just wanted to be a part of the community, because I want to talk about and discuss it. I'm super grateful to Hinterland for making what is probably (for me) the most immersive game I've ever enjoyed. 

Okay! Looking forward to talking more about this amazing game!

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