Is the bleeding working or not?


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Recently I got a bear. I used three arrows. First missed and broke. Second connected and bear ran away. I checked, there was no blood on the ground. I waited about half ingame day and the bear wandered back again. Third shot did the work. When you check the bear, he has two arrows. I supose the third arrow is in bear head and it was crit. But what about the second arrow. According its possition it should have caused bleeding. Yet there was no blood on the snow when bear ran away nor when it came back for second arrow.

I thought the not/bleeding was fixed. Or was the second shot just grazing hit? I thought the grazing hit does not attach arrow to the bear.


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I found that if there was no blood or blood trail regardless of the hit, then the animal was not going to bleed out.  To me that is a given.  I also subscribe to the idea that if I go to sleep inside someplace and do not stay in there for a long time, like sleeping all night, that I can mess up a bleed as in cause the animal to "heal" the wound. That said, it seems fairly reliable, but I wouldn't call it completely reliable. 

At least you got the bear and both arrows back.  🙂

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I have checked the place where bear stood immediatelly after 2nd shot. The bear was busy with running and screaming. There was no blood so I assumed it was grazing shot. There was no sleeping involved. First two shots were in the ingame morning and the fatal third was in afternoon.

You know when there is a bear in Quonset area, it is better than pocketwatch. At morning he goes for his morning walk down the trailer road and in front of the garage. Here it was I rudely interrupted his morning jogging. I just wondered if the bear would continue on the walk from the point he was rudely interrupted. And he did few hours later. 

I am glad I got the bear and all my arrows back (one is in halves). But the questino is if we can count on bleeding mechanics or we shall just crit everything we want eat.

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