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Hello all. I am trying to do a completionist run (thanks COVID) and am having some difficulty finding the last Polaroid.  I know it is the one for Desolation Point (thanks Google) but I have been unsuccessful.  I have searched, and found, the list on the Fandom site listing all of the potential locations but I find some of the explanations a bit vague. For example, in PV, ther is a potential spawn point "In a backpack surrounded by the large rocks near the PV Homestead". There are not rocks near the PV FARMSTEAD. Only massive boulders and I have checked them all.  As well, I have checked the Riken 3 times, with a lantern going, and no Polaroid. Does anyone remember where they found the Polaroid for DP?  I would very much appreciate any help.  Cheers, eh!

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Sorry I can't recall where I found it.  I think I just manually mapped DP and found the Polaroid later and just cleared everything up.  On the plus side DP is easy to map.  I just explored the entire world and ended up with the Polaroids and went back to use them as my primary goal is looting the world early on. Sry for the not really help.

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Have a thought however not certain what to cause it to take after in game. I'm running a couple of mods, the large one for this being the Tradition of the Dragonborn. I need to make a character who is effectively attempting to resemble Tiber Septim and turn into a godlikeness. Hoping to overwhelm each part of Skyrim. I know how that functions mission shrewd I think. Yet, the real game play, anyone have any contemplations?

Kodi nox

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