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Just some fun little items that offer no real gameplay use so you can fool around while not getting mauled by something. Here’s a couple I thought of.

BB gun-a BB gun that does no damage and does not scare off any animals. It’s durability can’t go down from 100% because it’s a novelty item. BB’s would be very common and could be made in a forge.

Targets-their could be 2 types of targets. Their could be a paper one for firearms and a snow pile one for bows. These go well with the BB gun so you can practice your aim. Keep in mind that shooting targets with real weapons will leave marks, but won’t advance your rifle, bow, or revolver skill.

Snowballs-Snowballs could be made from the crafting menu. They are free (Theirs snow everywhere) and they are similar to throwing rocks. They don’t do any damage and will annoy any animals. You can use them to practice your aim with rocks.

Snowmen-A snowmen could be made from 25 snowballs, 2 sticks, 7 charcoal, and 3 cloth. You could use it as a marker if you want. 

Doggie toy-a squeaky toy that when thrown near a predator animal (wolf, bear, moose) they will play with it. If you agro the animal they will still attack you, but they will play with the toy for a little while.

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Novelty items?  No thank you.

I'd much rather Hinterland devote their time and resources on more Survival Mode updates, new regions to explore, and Wintermute episodes; rather than useless novelty items.
If there is no gameplay value, then I think that speaks for itself.  In a game about doing what you can to survive, I see nothing worth while in squeaky toys, shelf decorations, and other utterly useless knickknacks.


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