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i had a idea last night what if you could make storage with like a certain set of materials like you had to harvest and cut up like birch or other types of sticks and we could do some basket making or such to be honest this would be helpful for places like the trappers cabin for storage space. sorry this is so quickly spit out this was some fever dream stuff.

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We do have this, but in the form of rock caches.

However, I've always thought that it would be neat to have more options with regard to "customizing living space."
Such as:
Better control and options for placing objects
Being able to move small furniture items/storage containers

I'm not sure how much I like the idea of being able to make storage containers for indoor locations though... I say that because it seems that each location has various advantages and disadvantages (which I think plays an important part when we are considering places for us to set up an encampment).  I do think that being able to just create all the storage we want in a given location would undermine that.

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I just dump everything on the floor if I don't have space. If I didn't have an autoclicker I would probably hate picking up 100 sticks though.

When I look at building storage though I can't see any actual gameplay advantages to having buildable containers, it's all about how people want to organise their space. I see no reason why it shouldn't exist.

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If I understand the storage and inventory system correctly (and I'm pretty sure that I do, but I'm not a dev so this is ultimately just an educated guess), each storage container has its own inventory table.  So when you click a drawer, the game says "Open inventory table 1".  If you click another drawer, the game says "Open inventory table 2."  It has a list of container inventories for every region and every interior location, and each of those inventories is linked to an interactive element in the game, such as a drawer or locker.

Enter, rock caches.  What I'm pretty sure they did is create 5 new inventories for each region, but without placing an associated interactive element.  When you build a rock cache, you're placing the element that interacts with one of those 5 inventories.  Which is why you can't put 10 caches in a region, because only 5 new inventories were configured for it.  It doesn't generate them on the fly, they're preconfigured based on which loot table your particular run is using.  They just added 5 inventories to every region's loot table.  I highly suspect that if the game allowed you to disassemble a rock cache without taking the contents, if you rebuilt that same rock cache elsewhere in the same region your stuff would still be in it.

So to allow craftable storage like that which works anywhere, they'd basically have to open up every loot table for every interior location and repeat the steps of creating 5 new inventories.  For all interior locations that currently exist, as well as all that are created in the future.  That would be a monumental undertaking not only to add that to the existing locations, but to commit to for future regions too.

Rock caches are great.  They fill the void of craftable storage well enough, although I do wish we could place them closer together.  Like...neatly in a row right outside the front door.

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