What happened to the sound of this game?


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Intro of the game is pure silence.

Menu sounds are muffled and quiet.

Music is severely quieter than everything else in-game.

Wolves sound painfully loud and close no matter where they are.

The wolf encounter music is now just "Despair" on loop.

Drinking water no longer plays sound.  I assume this is a result of me playing with voices at 0% and it was lumped into that for some reason.

A lot of this has very little effect on gameplay, but The Long Dark was always a comfort game for me, and with all these changes, I feel more and more uncomfortable playing this game.  The audio balancing/design in this game is just a MESS now.

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I've not experienced any of the changes you describe...
Have you checked your audio settings?

I know it seems like a silly question, but since nothing like what you describe is happening with my copy... it's possible it's unique to you in some way (and checking the audio settings would seem like the first step in troubleshooting).

You might consider defaulting the audio first.

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A lot of people don't like the new looping wolf music it seems. I don't play TLD enough for it to matter much to me but I suspect I would start hating it.

One thing you could try, assuming it's something that is messed up, is redownloading or verifying the game. If you got it on steam(ing garbage) then you can use verify game integrity or whatever they call it.

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