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So the kickstarter update was saying that Phase 2 alpha access would roll out 'in a couple of weeks' to the $80 and above tier, but as yet there has been no word. Being three weeks ago now, is there any word on when we'll get access?

Sorry if this seems impatient, I'm just incredibly excited to get my hands on the game!


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Was vsad there was no announcement or update this last week. Maybe this week?

Im sure it will come soon. What I read in another thread, where someone got kicked from the forum, because the heated discussion in Alpha Release thread, that something will be coming soon. You need to understand, there is always the unexpected that pops up to put you a little behind, so I would be expecting something in the very near future.

Knowing the Hinterland Team, they won't want to put out a Alpha Release that just isn't playable, and isn't up to their standard of game, so as they say, "Patience is a Virtue" :D

I can't wait personally, but I'm expecting something above and beyond !!!!

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Just got this email

Project Update #44: Update 44: Revised Sandbox Alpha Rollout, Twitch Stream, Gamespot Preview

Backer white For backers only Posted by Hinterland ♥ Like

Hello Hinterlanders,

Wow, what a day! Not only did we launch a new website and trailer -- which are both getting rave reviews -- but we did a 1-hour Twitch stream with Joystiq Magazine, and got a great preview article on Gamespot! All in all, a banner day for the team at Hinterland.

But, a lot of that was overshadowed by us making many of you unhappy with our stated plans for Alpha Sandbox rollout. We're sorry about that. Many of you felt slighted that you'd have to wait to play the Alpha, despite the fact that you know playtesting is going on with a small group of "scout" testers. Many of you who backed at the $20 CAD rate for the game, felt understandably slighted that Early Access was coming in at $19.99 USD, and that those players would get to experience the game before you.

Between Kickstarter and PayPal, you all have collectively contributed over 20% of our development budget for The Long Dark, and we certainly don't want you to feel that we take you for granted. Because we don't.

We'd like to explain to you our original thinking behind the Early Access pricing (we have to price for the lifetime of the game and within the marketplace, not tie it to backing values that would make us unsuccessful in the long run), how we didn't plan to launch on Early Access when we started out campaign (it was pretty new back then and we didn't know much about it), and how all our Alpha testing so far has been purely about wanting to ensure that you all have a great experience of the game as soon as the *real* Alpha Testing commences.

But we get that you feel slighted, and that was never our intention. You don't want excuses or reasons -- you want an apology and you want a solution. We're sorry. And our solution is to change the dates.

So, as of, well, right now, we're revising our Sandbox Rollout plans. They're going to look more like this:

All Alpha Backers will get access to the Sandbox Alpha on July 22nd.

All Beta Backers will get access to the Sandbox Alpha on August 22nd.

All remaining Backers will get access to the Sandbox Alpha as soon as we launch Early Access in September.

We hope this change makes you feel better about supporting us from the early days of the project, and we hope you'll still be with us at the end of times, and beyond.

As a $30 backer i have learned that steam sign ups now will have access to the game way before your backers do interesting. What was the lesson we have learned? Do we back another project?

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Yeah, I got the same one...

I was just hoping for a bit of a closer touch, as it were, since I backed a lot time ago, but that's not really any problem.

I'm out of every other game that I've put time (and unfortunately a TON of money) into, and only really have this and Star Citizen to look forward to from the backer perspective, and then CIV: New World when it comes out too, so I'm just pining for something to do!

Thanks - T

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You seem determined to slag us here and on Facebook, so I feel the need to point out where you are incorrect.

As a $30 backer i have learned that steam sign ups now will have access to the game way before your backers do interesting. What was the lesson we have learned? Do we back another project?

If you read the message you posted, all Backers will get access to the game as soon as it hits Early Access.

The only people playing the game before it goes to Early Access are (a) Alpha Backers, and (b) Beta Backers. Nobody pre-ordering Early Access will get the game before anyone who backed The Long Dark either on Kickstarter or PayPal.

Initially we had planned to rollout Early Access and Alpha Access differently, but based on listening to our community, we remedied this and turned around a revised roll-out plan within about 15 hours of announcing the original one.

I'd appreciate it if you stopped spreading mis-truths about the game and our handling of the Alpha rollout. I've tried to address your feedback both on our official Facebook page, and here, and even invited you to reach out to me directly to discuss.

You seem determined to take slight even when we address the issue. Again, I welcome you to reach out to me directly if you'd like to discuss things further.

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hello, has been released the alpha? i don't think so, but the update said 22th of july.

Yes, the first Alpha sandbox has been released to the original Alpha backers.

Beta backers will be receiving their access August 22, and then all the backers and Early Access subscribers will get their Alpha access in September. 8-)

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Things have changed a bit since the KS campaign, all of the access bonuses are set for the Alpha right now.

Just for clarification (since Alpha is now released) They will receive Alpha access, but at different scheduled times. For instance Maulet backed at the beta level which means they'll get game access in the next batch on Aug 22. I just didn't want there to be confusion about back access time frames.

Likewise with the forum Alpha section -- only Alpha backers currently have access to that part of the forum. Aug 22 all beta backers will then be given their access to that part of the forum, followed by all backers and Early Access users in Sept.

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