Heat exhaustion


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Once when I was at the crash site on the summit of TM, I was wearing the clothes I could find in the region (I spawned their). When I was done looting the plane, I had 2 climbing socks, 2 wool long johns, snow and cargo pants, work gloves, 2 pea coats (might have been something different, I can’t remember), 2 expedition parkas, some pretty good headwear, and wool ear wraps. I looked at my temperature bar and saw it was full. I thought to myself “in all of this clothing I should be getting hot” and that’s what caused me to write this. Heat exhaustion would be an affliction that would be caused by wearing lots of warm clothing or doing activities that make you warm (I.e. sitting next to a fire indoors while wearing everything I described). Heat exhaustion would begin after having your temperature bar be above 75% for 48 hours, and sitting next to a fire and being indoors would decrease this to 36 or 24 hours, depending on the situation. When you get the first stage of the affliction, your energy bar will decrease faster, and your sprinting duration will be shortened. With the second stage, your thirst bar will go down faster, and with the final stage, your condition will take longer to come back. To fix heat exhaustion, you will need to remove a certain amount of clothing and stay a certain temperature for 48 hours (staying near a fire will postpone the timer). What do you guys think?

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I recommend the search function, because there has been a lot of good discussion about this subject in previous threads.
This being similar to another topic that I discussed (called "Penalty for too Hot"), I will just echo what I mentioned there: 

On 11/10/2019 at 11:46 PM, ManicManiac said:

I feel there comes a point where there is only so much micromanaging that can be done before it stops being fun and starts just feeling like a slog...

I see what you're driving at, I really do.  However, I just don't think it would be very fun to have to be pealing off clothes every time we enter an interior location... then piling them back on to step outside.  For the sake of role-playing in a few runs, I've done it as a personal rule (even kept separate pairs of outside boots and inside shoes).  Let me tell you from my experience, it gets really old... really fast.  I didn't mind doing it as a role-play thing (because it was entirely my choice to do it), but I really would not find it fun at all if it were a forced aspect of the game. 

This is kind of in the same vein as the individual that wanted to micromanage every aspect of fire starting in hyper-realistic terms...  and I felt the same way about that: There is only so much micromanaging I want to have to do in a video game.  That's why I don't enjoy and won't play most of Sid Meier's games.  :D 


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The outcome of having heat exhaustion would be micromanaging clothing in a way that's completely formulaic. If temperature too high take clothes off, if too low put clothes on. There is no real decision to make or benefit to have by not following that simple if condition so it's just added tedium.

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For some reason I feel like this was around in the early days of the game. Frankly I'm glad it's not any more (if it ever was) as others have said too much micro management. In life I always take my clothes off before going to bed. In the game the fella never takes a bath, urinates, or washes his clothes (intentionally at least)

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