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pretty neat video

2 hours ago, Bean said:

I still think we need cougars in the game.  It’s based loosely on Vancouver island and there are over 1000 cougars stalking those forests. 

right?  I'd like to see a greater diversity of wildlife as well, and cougars in TLD would be very fitting considering that something like the world's biggest concentration of wild cougars  something around 4000 cougars call British Columbia home with apparently a quarter of those residing on Vancouver Island.  But considering the cougar population density, there's only been approximately 5 cougar related attacks on people in the last 100 years.   Apparently there is more than enough deer to keep them satiated and they really tend to avoid contact with people.  If your thinking that they should be introduced as yet another predatory threat to the player, then I would have to say no.  

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Well, wolves almost never attack people in real life.  Really almost never.  And yet every cotton pickin howler on Great Bear Island wants to tear my butt off!  Something something magnetic disturbance.  Cougars could be rare like moose, but they could also be deadly as hell.  Like good chance of dying if attacked by one without great gear!  That would spice up the game considerably!  I like to feel some risk when playing, but lately on stalker mode (I like guns) it’s super rare that anything seriously threatens me.  The last four deaths have been from climbing around on cliffs and falling to my death!  The last one was super special.  Fell onto a ledge In HRV so narrow I couldn’t lay out a sleeping bag, build a fire, or anything.  Oh and it had no way off except cliff faces.  Oh and I was at half life.  No way off except the long dark.  

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