sporting goods shop as possible cache location?


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Maybe it could have an "upgrade" to the fishing tackle. A rod, for example, or stronger fishing line.

And don´t forget the bait. Mealworms could double as emergency food.

I doubt Hinterland would nerf the predators by providing a deterrent. But, if the sports shop encouraged thinking outside the box, or Survival thinking, to repurpose what is found... The idea could have potential.

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I like the idea, but as far as I’m concerned Great Bear is an island with rather small stores and homes, whereas a large sports store(I’m thinking like Bass Pro or Cabella’s prototypes,) would kind of be like adding a superstore to the small town Milton. Unless, of course, you’re thinking of something more like a small second hand sports or fishing store, I doubt this would be a realistic expansion of the game. But I like where your heads at!

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