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So when you are attacked by a moose you get broken ribs. It heals after a long period of rest, but not just rest you need bandages and I'm fine with that, but what doesn't make sense is that no matter how much time passes you *need* pain killers. Which is very odd. Take 4 pills and suddenly you're all healed up, but before taking those pills your carry capacity is heavily hampered. Now I think the pills are a good idea to mitigate the carry capacity penalty as it helps the survivor to manage the pain. Outside of that though it simply doesn't make sense.

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Considering it's a listed requirement for that particular treatment, I don't think it's a bug.

Since it's the only thing to require any kind of pain killer at all... I'm fine with it the way it is.

Unless a player has an unfortunate habit of getting trampled by the moose it's not really a big issue.
If a player puts in some time to become a decent hunter, then I'd say it doesn't even become an issue at all.

Folks don't balk when games have "life packs"... or "stims"... or other kinds of health/recovery mechanics.  I think sometimes a video game, just has to "video game."

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I certainly have no problem with it being needed as I tend to have an over abundance of unnecessary pain pills, and rarely any problems with moose. My problem is with how it used as a cure in such an unpractical way. If it did mitigate the penalties incurred with a sprained ankle or in this case moose stomping. Then one can be like "oh it helps with the pain so he can carry on more easily" However as it does nothing, but "cure" the ailment. One is forced to wonder "what's up with that?" It's fine for a video game to "video game" however when it can make more sense it ought to make more sense. Right now it seems to be in place solely to give pain pills a purpose. 

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