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hi all! Long time reader,  first time poster. 

My wishlist items are hopefully in reach given the game development platform and design direction of the game. 

I'd like to see more small game animals like grouse, beavers, and foxes.  Each can have a reason you need to care, like foxes will raid your snares. Beavers will compete for dead fall wood, grouse will raid rosehips, etc.  Basically animals are competing for survival in winter just like our survivor is. 

I'd like to see more and different crafting recipes. Some of these require very little to evolve in the game. Rabbit Skin socks ? Improvised scarf ? Moose skin long johns? Basically,  I'd like a naturally crafted viable option for every clothing slot. 

Lastly,  more cooking and crafting recipes. Like fish head soup? Moose fat candles? Bone arrowheads?  I'm sure the community could add to this list.  Basically ways to extend the crafting menus and engine, but to make new/fresh items to the game. I've killed 100s of wolves, however I've only got this one recipe for a wolf skin coat? No hat? No scarf? No blanket on a bed ? 

Thanks for considering my wish list items. Stay safe and warm ! 

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Well I'd like some long lasting lighting options. Something that might through 3-4 nights might be nice. So I like the candle idea as my survivor tends to not have a consistent sleep schedule and that way he can do a bit of crafting. I think these are some rather fine Ideas.

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Bone arrow heads would be something I would like to see. I remember when I was very first starting to play I was hoping to survive in timberwolf mountains and make some gear and do my survival there....until I found out I needed all these tools and equipment I couldn't get in that zone. That was too bad.

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