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So once you hit level 3 of fire starting you no longer require tender, and there is no benefit to using tender either. Well this leads to an over abundance of tender in the world. I don't know if this has any effect on performance or loading times, but I'm leaving loads of tender behind me as a travel. So I'd like to suggest using it as fuel like you would a stick. Just to simply get rid of it.

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A fundamental chance in the function of tinder in mid-game, which is what treating the no-longer-needed tinder like it was a stick at and after level 3 fire starting, would be a complication that the devs probably would not want to deal with.  Assuming that implementation would be at no cost to Hinterland, it certainly would be a not-so-realistic thing but certainly doable. 

Despite being at level 5 fire starting, I have been making an effort to use tinder even though I don't have to.  I feel a bit odd when I don't, but I don't hesitate about starting a fire even if I don't have any tinder.  For me, I have thought/suggested that may be the tinder can be converted (by another action) into some kind of wick which could then go into an improvised lamp, maybe from a recyled can with lamp oil (stationary with a much lower burn rate - intent is more of a long-lived fire source). But then I understand that lighting effects are hard to do well in the game though it would be nice. 

Way back when the skill was implemented, Raphael thought that the +5% from birch bark actually counted though it never did.  It may have once, but that probably fell out of the coding even farther back. 

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Advances in fire starting should be less about percentage chances of sucess and more about skills

I'd like to either see it speed up the fire making time - something between natural and using a firestarter

or be able to be combined with a tin can to carry an ember for a period of time to save on matches



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