Last Resort Cannery workshop wolf is annoying and doesn't make much sense.


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Am I the only one who thinks so?

"Whenever the player passes through the workshop's door, there is a random chance of encountering a wolf. Once the wolf is dealt with, either by killing said wolf or by leaving and entering until the wolf isn't in the workshop, the player will be able to access the milling machine and the ammunition workbench."


And every time its a 'new' wolf. Once I shot him bleeding leaved the room and when I returned, there was a wolf and no bleeding. This wolf appeared, not only after entering but also when I worked with milling machine. And during the aurora it is not scared of flashlight nor torch.

How do you deal with it?

It starts to seem to me that he will appear after successful usage of milling machine.

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He usually shows up right smack in the middle of the cannery, although on one occasion he appeared out of nowhere.  I went in crouched and gun drawn, and methodically cleared every room while keeping my head on a swivel.  No wolf.  So I holstered that gun and started searching cabinets in that little kitchen area, when suddenly mid-search, BOOM wolf struggle.

I later saw a phenomenon in the HRV ice cave that I think explained what happened.  In that ice cave, I could hear the wolf growling as it advances, but I couldn't see anything.  So I dropped a torch, lit a torch off that one, and backed up.  Dropped that one, lit a third, and backed up.  So I had the whole hallway illuminated going back maybe 20 meters.  I dropped that last torch at my feet, drew the revolver, and stood my ground.  I heard the double-bark charge sound, the wolf clipped directly through a cave wall, and was on me before I could get a shot off.  At first I thought it was a glitch, but then I realized that is probably intentional.  Allow the wolf to phase through cave walls--it can surprise you no matter where you are.  Kind of adds an element of suspense to the whole thing, and once the wolf is dead it's no longer a concern.  So if they had done the same thing with the wolf in the cannery, well that certainly explains why it was able to get the jump on me even after I deliberately cleared every room.

Anyway, animals occasionally stop bleeding when you go through an area transition.  Bears in particular are notorious for shrugging off bullet wounds if you go inside.  So the same thing may have happened with this wolf.  Make a point to watch it die before you leave, and you have a safe workshop going forward.

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