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I was thinking, it would be interesting if alcohol were included in the game (vodka, whiskey, etc ..) drinking it would have advantages and disadvantages, for example: your character does not feel the cold and would walk fast even if you have too much weight but walking drunk, when the effect of alcohol is over you would be cold and your vision blurred for 1min.

(I'm not good at English, I used google translator sorry if there are any errors)

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It's been an idea that's been brought up quite a bit in previous threads.  I recommend using the search function, because there has been a lot of really good discussion about this subject in the past.

I will just echo some of the things I've mentioned in previous posts: 

On 9/15/2019 at 1:31 AM, ManicManiac said:

My overall thoughts on the subject:

I'm not in favor of anything in this game that would suggest that alcohol has any positive affects for a person in a survival situation that would out weigh the detrimental effects...  I think that would be an irresponsible message.

Alcohol may make one "feel" warm but it actually makes a person more susceptible to hypothermia (and dehydration).  The idea that alcohol makes you warm is a very old and very incorrect idea.  It's a depressant and diuretic (among other things), not things one would want in a situation like the one we see in this game.

We already have antiseptics in the game already so I will address that counter point right now.  There are also already much better ways to get calories than getting them from booze - so I wanted to address that counter point right away as well.

Alcohol is not only unnecessary for survival, it's largely more detrimental to survival.


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